My name is Toddrick Spalding. I am a music supervisor, producer, and sync consultant. When I was in high school, nothing was more exciting than unwrapping a new C90 blank cassette to make a new mixtape. Little did I know those tapes would become the building blocks of a career in music supervision and production - years later I'm still making those mixes (they just unfortunately have less Minor Threat songs on them)... For nearly 15 years I've worked in synchronization. Whether in house at entertainment marketing agencies Mob Scene, Trailer Park, mOcean/CMP+, and The Cimarron Group or as a freelance Music Supervisor for clients and brands as diverse Warner Brothers Pictures, Netflix, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Universal, Nickelodeon, EPIX, MTV, THE Paris, Nike, the NBA, Zealot, Ayzenberg, Vibe Creative, Motive, Minecraft, Haagen-Dazs, Levi’s, Microsoft, and many more. This year we launched c90 Music Supervision as a full service music solution agency for entertainment marketing, promo and advertising. We provide clients with 360 music creative for any sync need - be it source music, customization, production, negotiation, or clearance and licensing.
In addition to my work in entertainment marketing and advertising I have had the immense honor to music supervise a handful of independent films and documentaries, produce original music, covers and remixes for artists like The Who, T. Rex, Amon Tobin, Sharon Van Etten, Mimicking Birds and Conrad Keely, and worked as a Sync Consultant for companies like ZYNC, Sencit, Must Save Jane, and Black Sheep Music. 
Thanks for checking out my website. If you're interested in working together on a cool project, want me to speak on a panel, or just want to know where the best tacos in Los Angeles are, you can contact me here.