During a decade plus career in music supervision I've had the privilege to work with clients as diverse as Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Nickelodeon, FX, 20th Century Fox, MTV, THE, Nike, the NBA, Zealot, Vibe Creative, Motive and many more while working in house at theatrical marketing agencies Trailer Park, mOcean/CMP+, The Cimarron Group and as a member of music supervision collective, High Bias. In the summer of 2014, I joined the family at Mob Scene where I lead the music department as Director of Music.

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Over the last few years I’ve been focusing more and more on music production as a creative outlet, incorporating the skills I’ve gained from years of supervision on custom music for theatrical marketing campaigns and my experience as a songwriter and arranger from my band days. These skill sets have proven invaluable as I’ve collaborated with artists, libraries, publishers and agencies as a producer and synch consultant producing original music, cover songs and remixes.

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The Hand of Doom Mixtape List is an exclusive maybe bi-monthly mailing list featuring curated mixtapes of deep catalog from my favorite publishers and record labels. I do not represent any of this music for profit, licensing, blah blah blah but just want to share amazing music with other music fans and professionals.

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About Toddrick & C-90

toddrick Hello.

I am a music supervisor, a producer, a sync consultant, and the Director of Music at Mob Scene - but - above all I am a music fan.

When I was in high school, nothing was more exciting than unwrapping a new C-90 blank cassette to make a new mixtape. Little did I know those tapes would become the building blocks of a career in music supervision and production. Years later, I'm still making those mixes (they just unfortunately have less Minor Threat songs on them.)

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